The theme of this year’s competition was “Cherry on the Cake”. The two robots the team competed with, Nectar and Ambrose, names inspired by the delicacies of the goddesses of ancient Greece, were programmed to perform this year’s goals for maximum points. The main objective was to collect and sort discs, which were placed on the competition track in a tri-colored cake formation with a cherry on top.

Nectar and Ambrosia successfully passed the technical checks and competed in five rounds. Throughout the competition the team achieved 3 wins and scored a total of 126 points. As a result the team was ranked 19th out of 26 teams, achieving its best performance in the competition.

Hyperion Robotics would like to congratulate both the participating teams and the competition organizing committee for creating an excellent atmosphere. Also, the team would like to thank the companies that believed in its effort and with their sponsorships made possible the participation of Greece in the European Robotics Competition.

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